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A Day in the Sky by Alyx-XCV

This is a huge improvement already! I can't wait to see your other two pieces. I really like his pose, it's very laid back, he looks ve...




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Commissions - Open by SweetDukeMore info here!

My BJD account is Rainbowed-Doll!
Hello everyone! I have decided to open commissions! For the time being, there are 2 types, though I may add more if I feel comfortable.


You may only use my art for personal uses (cropping it for icons, making it a background for your computer or your personal role play website are acceptable uses; using it for the cover of a book, in an ad, etc., is not. If you were to make money off my art, I won’t allow it!)

I can do pretty much anything you want! Fanart, OCs, yaoi, yuri, het, porn, furries, mechas, most gore (exceptions detailed below), you name it! If I feel my skills are not up to par for your demands (ex: porn, furries, mecha), I will let you know, and offer you a small discount. I want to practice these things.

I will not do: Vore/cannibalism (Including Hannibal Lecter and his yummy looking foods, I’m sorry, I just can’t) and eye or hand torture (think Blade Runner. That movie made me feel horrible.) I think that’s all? If there’s anything else that makes me feel really, really uncomfortable, I might refuse your commission, but most things I’m fine with. If it’s 18+, I will not post your commission on deviantart.

Payment will be in 2 parts: 1 before I start, and 1 after I’m done. You will receive a high resolution .png file once you have made both payments, and a smaller, watermarked version will be posted on my deviantART with credit to you for the commission and credit to the maker for the designs.

If you’re interested in a commission, send me a note with this form:

Commission type: (Coloured sketch/design) (for sketches: bust/waist up/full body; for designs: whether you want it on a base or freehanded)

Commission details: (character description or reference sheet, pose specifics, dos and don’ts, etc. Be as detailed as you want! I want to capture the essence of your character!)

Extras: (if desired; extra characters, simple or elaborate background, extra outfits. Repeat commission details for each extra.)

Paypal email: (The email you will be paying with.)

When I receive your note, I will reply to you with a total and any questions I may have about the commission.

Once you approve this total, I will send your paypal an invoice for half the amount you owe me. Once you pay, I will start sketching.

I will send you the sketch for approval. Once you have approved, I will carry on with the drawing.

Once finished, I will show you a small, watermarked version of the file, and send you a second paypal invoice with the rest of what you owe me. Once you pay this invoice, I will send you the high resolution file and post the art on this account.

Coloured sketch

With smooth lines and smooth shading. Comes with a transparent, white (or any other color) or gradient background, that can be upgraded to a simple or elaborate background. Once initial sketch is done, will be showed for approval. Any changes will be made, before proceeding to colouring and shading. Once finished, minor changes can still be made to the drawing.

Bust: 7$

Extra character: + 5$

Extra animal (Pet, Pokemon, Dragon, Monster…): +3$

Example: Kissing Cuties by Rainbow-Marbles
Bust (7$) + extra character (5$) = 12$

Waist up: 10$

Extra character: + 7$

Extra animal (Pet, Pokemon, Dragon, Monster…): +4$

Example: Candy Skull by Rainbow-Marbles
Waist up (10$) = 10$

Full body: 13$

Extra character: +9$

Extra animal (Pet, Pokemon, Dragon, Monster…): +5$

Example: Winter Fun by Rainbow-Marbles
Full body (13$) + Extra monster (+5$) = 18$

Adding backgrounds

The difference between simple and elaborate backgrounds is that the simple backgrounds are not lined, are sketchier, and and take less time to do. Elaborate backgrounds are lined and painted with the same attention to detail as the characters.

Add simple background: +3-7$

Example: The Lumberjack by Rainbow-Marbles
Waist up (10$) + simple background (5$) = 15$

Add elaborate background: +10-20$
Example: Balancing Act by Rainbow-Marbles
Full body (13$) + Extra pokemon (+5$) + Elaborate background (+15$) = 33$

Custom Designs

Base: 10$

Your choice of a base amongst those used in my gallery, and give me a theme and any requirements.

Additional outfits for same character: +5$

Example: Cute Animal Boys Adopts (OPEN!) by Rainbow-Marbles
Any one of the designs = 10$

Freehand: 20$

You choose the pose, whether it’s dynamic or static is up to you. You give me a theme and any requirements.

Additional outfits for same character: +10$

Example:Dragon Prince Adopt OPEN by Rainbow-Marbles
Freehand (20$) = 20$

All prices in USD.

Thank you for your interest! :D

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